Friday, November 27, 2015

What Black Women Go Through...


  1. There you are!!!

    The new books by Bill Press (Buyer's Remorse) and Michael Eric Dyson (The Black Presidency - or whatever it is called) drove me to Amazon/Audible to look for an audio book for either.

    As I was reading the review comments on Amazon I could not recall the book that drove so much chatter in the comments field or the "rouge" Black lady would had so many Progressives upset.

    After I recalled the book (New Jim Crow) and then looked through mounds of comments I then found your name: FIRESTARTER!!

    I am glad that you added the link to your blog. So now I can see where you are coming from.

    Glad to see you still active in opining.
    You know "THEY" would rather you be quiet.

    And unlike "THEM" - I define who "THEY" is: The Progressives who are using Black people to drive their agenda, knowing full well that they don't need to develop our people via the institutions, culture and influence that they command within the black community.

    This is actually a spiritual war and a spiritual attack.


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