Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Truth About Black Men & Law Enforcement

Over the last couple of years there has been a great deal of rage, anger, and frustration spewed by law enforcement in this country and the black community. Much has been made about the killings of unarmed black men and boys at the hands of law enforcement (most of whom have been white officers). The narrative that has been painted by the black community (and the media) is one in which good fathers/husbands, great black students on their way to college, and otherwise outstanding members of the black community are being unlawfully shot and killed by law enforcement. We are told all this only to find out after further review that it is usually complete B.S.

Black women and girls are also victims of law enforcement, but due to sexism and the misogynistic culture in the black community they are barely mentioned in ANY of the campaigns against police brutality. 

I'm not here to argue whether or not police brutality happens. I'm not here to argue whether or not many of the cries of police brutality are valid or not. The fact of the matter is YES, police brutality is valid and YES many of the cries of police brutality are valid. However, I do not believe most police officers in this country are "bad." I don't believe most actively seek out black people to shoot and kill. I don't believe there is some unspoken war being raged by law enforcement on the black community. I'm saying this as someone who is black and comes from a large family of black men, who have NEVER been arrested, gone to prison, or found themselves staring down the barrel of a police officer's gun.

In framing the narrative around black men and law enforcement there are two sides of the story that are always told: That of black men and that of law enforcement. The story of black men is almost always told by some opportunistic black leader (i.e., Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton), the "victim's" family and family attorney, and "leaders" of campaigns and riots. The story of law enforcement is always told by the chief of police, the police commissioner, and city/county officials. 

There is a third side of the story that is NEVER told. I am here to tell it...

Black men (collectively) are NOT some poor misunderstood beings. The fact of the matter is law enforcement is more often than not called into the situation because too many black men think they have free reign to do any damn thing they please. We (society) are constantly told how oppressed the black man is in this country. We are told there are two people to blame for the state of black men: 
  1. The white man (a supernatural group of men who have the ability to make black men abandon their families, crack out their own communities, abandon education, terrorize their own communities, beat/brutalize black women and children, kill, shoot, and rob).
  2. The black woman (an evil group of women who have failed to support and maintain black families and communities after collectively being abandoned by the men of their race.Though hardworking and driven, they are often blamed for their inability to play both mother and father). 
Rarely are black men EVER to blame for their choices, actions, and own self-destruction. From what I can tell black men in this country are the freest men in this country. No other group of men has been given the green light (via excuses) for behavior that is counter to the upliftment of their community. Just think about all the things black men in this country have been able to do without any consequences while being given the benefit of the doubt by black leaders (some of whom engage in this behavior themselves)
  1. Abandon black women and children. 
  2. Leave their children to be supported by the state. 
  3. Crack out their own communities.
  4. Rob, steal, and kill from their own communities.
  5. Forgo educational attainment. 
  6. Live at home with their mothers indefinately. 
  7. Live off their mothers or other women, and jump from one household to the next, leaving out of wedlock babies in their wake.
  8. Not hold down a job or steady employment. 
  9. Poor grammar and appearance. 
  10. Make no effort to build/grow businesses and attain wealth.
  11. Refuse the institution of marriage while making several babies by several different women.  
  12. Commit crimes and blame their actions on oppression, lack of opportunity, white men and black women. 
Please show me another race of men in this country who have been given free reign to do ALL of the above on par with black men. You can't can you?

*Disclaimer: This does not apply to ALL black men. If it doesn't apply to you let it fly. 

Law enforcement in this country has been given a job they didn't sign up for when they vowed to protect and serve. They (along with the criminal justice system) have been called upon to play the authority/father figure to black men and boys. Think about the role fathers play in the household. While mom is usually the loving nurturer to children, fathers are usually the guiding authority in the home (especially when it comes to boys). If this individual is absent then that guiding authority is usually absent as well. Black single mothers will find after a certain age they have NO CONTROL over black boys, who are far more likely to listen to a man rather than a woman. 

Enter law enforcement. 

Where would today's black community be without members of law enforcement? This question is easy to answer for those of us being honest with ourselves. The black community, given the lack of adequate male leaders, would be completely at the misery of thugs, hoodlums, and street pirates. Law enforcement is the ONLY thing standing between decent members of the black community and thugs, hoodlums, and street pirates. 


I sometimes wonder if there will ever come a time when the black community (mainly black women) will STOP defending individuals who don't deserve a defense. I wonder if these women will ever stop, look, and realize that their stagnant plight would increase significantly if they would STOP archoring themselves to a group of men who:
  1. Don't like them.
  2. Don't like themselves 
  3. Are self-destructive and counterproductive.
In the coming months I will be documenting the destruction that has been caused by the welfare state, black leaders, black single mothers, deadbeat black fathers, black poverty pimps and white liberal government officials. Stay tuned!